SCIENTIFIC POLYGRAPH SERVICES is a Pretoria-based risk-management firm with a national footprint. We use scientifically-proven methods to help you uncover withheld truths to hire more safely or bring investigations to a successful close. We also specialise in voice stress analysis, background screening, and the resolution of labour law issues.

What we do

Scientific Polygraph Solutions specialise in polygraph examinations. Scientific Polygraph Solutions partners with Y-labour (Pty) Ltd to bring you an excellent team of expertise to minimise your risk in the workplace.

What's in it for you?

We will remove the risks associated with employment of staff and will assist clients to increase productivity and to manage performance of staff. Together with Y-Labour we deal with trade unions on behalf of our clients and also assist with disciplinary and all other problematic aspects regarding employment legislation.

Backed by science

The polygraph was invented in 1921 by John Augustus Larson, a medical student at the University of California, Berkeley and a police officer of the Berkeley Police Department in Berkeley, California. Since the first invention of the polygraph a lot of scientific research into polygraph has been done. Scientific research continuous to this date. We utilise the most scientific proven instruments and methods to determine between the probability of truthfulness and the probability of non truthfulness.


Scientific Polygraph Solutions was started in 2017 by experienced polygraph examiner, Bartel Pieterse.

  • Bartel is a member of the South African Polygraph Federation (SAPFED), The American polygraph Association (APA) and the American Polygraph And Voice Stress Association (APAVSA).
  • Y-Labour Managing Director Youlande Prinsloo is a member of the South African Society Of Labour Law (SASLAW) and specialises in Labour Law fields.



Through our services we aim to help businesses minimise risk and enhance the confidence they need to flourish in South Africa. This is achieved by combining business experience, our expertise in risk management, and a passion for efficient service delivery.

Our services

Scientific Polygraph Solutions offers a wide range of services to minimise and managing risk in your business. Our services are not limited to polygraph examinations only.

Polygraph Examinations

Polygraph examinations are widely used as a tool to steer an investigation in the right direction, to determine between the probability of truthfulness/non truthfulness and as a crime prevention method.

Voice Stress Examinations

Voice Stress Examinations offer an alternative to polygraph testing and are considered to be 'less invasive'. It is based on the principle that non-verbal low-frequency content of the voice contains signals which can indicate stressed and non-stressed responses. Analysis of these responses help us to detect deception where it may be present.

Forensic Private Investigations

We are backed by experienced private investigators to assist in any kind of investigation.

Background Checks

Background Checks can complement your hiring strategy by telling you whether the decisions candidates have made in the past fit in with your business vision for the future.

Pre-employment Screening

Let us help you hire the right person. Previous criminal behaviour will cause endless harm to your business. We offer you a package consisting of background screenings and polygraph examinations to safeguard your business.

ID Validation

Thumbprints are matched with the ID number. No more false ID and ID fraud. Our systems are directly linked to the Department Home Affairs and results are available immediately.

PDP Verification

We assist in the verification of Professional Drivers Permits.

Driver's Licence Verification

We provide a swift and efficient driver's license verification service to help protect you against fraudulent licenses and, subsequently, expensive negligence law suits.

Police Clearance Certificates

Take the hassle out of obtaining Police Clearance Certificates. No more long queuing lines and dirty fingerprints. Let us obtain your clearance certificate.

Labour Law

Youlande Prinsloo from Y-Labour(Pty) Ltd can assist your business in a number of ways including Industrial Relations, Human Resource Services, Section 197 Transfers, and all other labour law related issues.

Security Risk Assessments

We will ensure that all your security needs, physical and non-physical, are in place by doing a thorough security risk assessment.

Vetting of Security Personnel and Drivers

Why go through all the hassle in search of employees. We keep a data base of security personnel and drivers that already passed pre-employment screenings. A medical exam can also be acquired at extra cost.

Criminal Record Expungements

Why let a minor previous criminal record haunt your future career? We can assist in clearing that record.

Firearm Licence Motivations

Firearm licenses are granted depending on the accompanying motivation letter. We specialise in writing motivation letters for your hunting, self defence, sport, or work-related firearm license application.



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